Six-time PGA champion Lee Travino said about his short game “Putts get real difficult the day they hand out the money.” Even if you have never played a single round of golf you have probably felt this phenomenon yourself. As the Masters' tournament approaches and you are preparing to launch your marketing campaign, you might feel that same sense that even the smallest tasks are getting a little bit harder. With this in mind, today we are taking a closer look at the small adjustments that you can make to maximize the marketing potential of the Masters.

Be Where Your Consumers Are

In any sporting event, there will be a certain amount of positioning that is necessary to gain the kind of attention you are looking for. To use a golf analogy you should never be in the rough when you can be on the green. Strong positioning of your brand ambassadors and promotional materials should take into account that while the Masters has many venues and possible places to stake your claim, everyone is there to watch the golfers. While you are unlikely to be able to sponsor every golfer and plaster them like a Nascar, there are other possibilities. Your brand ambassadors can integrate with the crowd following a specific match and hand out free items that make it easier to be a spectator, such as branded bottles of water or hand fans for the heat. You can also place kiosks and other stationary marketing areas near high-volume thoroughfares or eateries where customers are bound to pass by. 

Three Big Components To Successful Sport Marketing For The Masters

There are three simple yet powerful principles you should follow to maximize your success at the Masters:

1. Don't Upstage The Event

The annals of sports marketing are like a graveyard for brands that thought that they were bigger than the event that they were sponsoring. While the ultimate goal is to link your brand with the tournament in the mind of the fans, you should make your brand all about golf, not the Masters all about your brand. If you can't have a presence on the course, host a viewing party where others who are in the same vote can watch the big matches with you. If you seem to be authentically excited about the event it is easier to win over the fans who feel the same way.

2. Exercise Lateral Thinking

Commonly articulated as thinking outside the box, lateral thinking does involve moving outside your comfort zone. If you have a target demographic that has shown the highest degree of loyalty to your brand, it may be tempting to keep on pressing that button until it breaks. However, it may be more prudent to focus on the fastest-growing demographic rather than the largest one. This may require you to attempt marketing events that you have never coordinated before, and this will be as potentially lucrative as it is exciting.

3. Play To Win 

This is the most self-explanatory. You have a specific goal that you have to meet by having a presence at the masters. Commit to that goal and outline all the steps that exist between the start of the campaign and that goal. Most of the hardest work will be in the preparation, but just like Lee Trevino said you should focus the most when there are the fewest tasks left to do. Execution is essential, and there won't be any green jackets waiting for you if you shoot for par.  

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