How The Masters Golf Tournament Became What It Is Today

Posted on November 9, 2018

Simply put, in terms of sheer scope, historic significance, and prestige, few events can compare to The Masters. Steeped in tradition and sportsmanship, while other sporting events acclimate to a faster, more complicated world, this event prides itself on remaining true to its origins and values. The original beautiful game.

To truly appreciate what it has become, you must first take a look at the moments that made it what it has been.

Played annually at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, it is the most coveted ticket in all of sports. For over 80 years, The Masters has been the gold standard in the golfing world and the yearly event that attract people from across the world.

The creation of this magnificent tournament is attributed to former golfer Bobby Jones (previous winner of the 1930 Grand Slam) partnered with investment banker Clifford Roberts to build an iconic golf course where they could invite the best players in the country to play.

This was the dawn of The Masters.

No Masters story would be complete without mention of The Big Three. Throughout the 1960’s and well into the 70’s Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus dominated the event winning 11 tournaments over 20 years.

Jack Nickluas (the Golden Bear) holds the distinction of being the only player to win 6 times (1963, 65, 66, 72, 75, & 1986)

While there are few names that carry as much gravitas as Nickluas and Palmer, the global force that The Masters has become is due in no small part to the emergence of players like Tiger Woods who in 1997 set the record for youngest winner and largest margin of victory, or Mike Weir, who in 2003 became the first Canadian to wear the green jacket.

From Gene Sarazen's “Shot heard 'round the world” in 1935, to Sergio Garcia’s close win over Justin Rose in 2017, and finally Patrick Reed’s 1-stroke win to capture glory in 2018, this annual event has always been, and continues to be the pinnacle of class and excellence in annual sporting events.

More than winners and losers, The Masters is a showcase of American sports at its very best. A rare glimpse into a stunning portrait of tradition and the highest levels of athletic competition and elegance in an otherwise chaotic landscape.  A beautiful game indeed!

World-renowned in its splendor and ability to leave an indelible impression on its attendees, not many people know the ease by which a fantastic trip to the Masters can be orchestrated.

Your pass to this once-in-a-lifetime experience will be tailor-made to suit your needs and desires with the help of the most reliable and direct source for attending this prestigious event...Major Sports Augusta!

Allow us to be your personal guide to this veritable wonderland of historic beauty and first-rate style and grace. Give yourself the gift of individualized care and accommodation worthy of this event. Trust your time and resources to a company committed to your satisfaction...Major Sports Augusta!

For more information on how to attend the 2019 Masters Golf Tournament, please contact our office to speak with one of our experienced travel coordinators.  Your planning starts today!

Augusta's championship golf courses and playing a round while visiting for the Masters

Posted on October 24, 2018

Start off with a narrow stance, feet shoulder-width apart. Grip the handle of the club firmly without clenching.

Head down. Arm straight. Knees bent.

Keep your elbows close together and bend your back elbow ever-so-slightly as you start your back swing, making sure to keep your eye on the ball.

Dipping your shoulder and shifting your weight to you back leg as you drive into your downswing. Use your lower torso to create power as you twist your hips and weight-shift to your front foot.

Keep your swing smooth and even as you make contact with the ball and finish up with a clean, fluid follow-through.

Watch your perfect shot sail through the air like a bird in flight as the members of your group watch in awe.

You may not be playing at the Masters, but as you see that tee-shot float through a crystal blue sky and come to rest on a pristine fairway, it sure feels like it.

It is at this moment when you truly appreciate the meaning of the "Major Sports Augusta Advantage."

Securing your passes to the Masters is just the beginning as they will create a custom experience starting with the initial planning stages all the way up to dropping you and your guests off at the airport for your return home.

And in-between rounds of watching the best golfers in the world battling it out for global domination over on the iconic Augusta National Championship golf course… you and your group can play a round of your own for slightly lower stakes as a part of your custom-travel package on one of the numerous other beautiful courses located in idyllic Augusta Georgia.

Entertain your important clients or employees as you grab your golf clubs and travel in style from your executive rental property to one of the premium golf clubs in the area before attending one of the Tournament Rounds.

Major Sports Augusta is far different from a ticket brokerage firm, they are an experience specialist! Major Sports Augusta is a full service provider that plans and coordinates each individual package to exceed your needs and expectations while providing you with a spectacular story to share and relive for years to come.

By offering a personalized turnkey trip in which the smallest details are accounted for, you and your guests are free to fully indulge in what the Masters and Augusta National can truly offer…

An experience of a lifetime.

Keep your eye on the ball and allow Major Sports Augusta to be your trusted partner in planning your trip to the Masters.

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The Masters - An Experience Of A Lifetime

Posted on October 10, 2018

This life, more than anything, is about everyday moments that are elevated to the realm of cherished memories. Snapshots in your mind of which you retain every minute detail.

Every sight, sound, smell, and sensation to be revisited over and over again.

These are rarely scripted and often the product of serendipity and chance. Spontaneous flashes of pure joy that come too few and far between.

Typically rooted in personal accomplishment, reward, or earned success like your first paycheck, promotion, or acquisition.

Often the result of hard work and dedication culminating in the achievement of a goal. 

Ultimately, everything you do in life is in pursuit of these perfect intersections of time and space that form the tapestry of your fondest recollections.

But among the MOST amazing of these are the ones, through will and careful coordination, you can witness and experience as a part of a collective. Once in a lifetime fan experiences that you can plan, prepare for, and witness. These are unforgettable performances of athletic prowess exhibited by those rare individuals operating on a level that transcend human potential, allowing you to observer perfection.

Standing in a sea of screaming fans at the 50-yard line during the last seconds of overtime of the Super Bowl as you watch a desperation Hail-Mary sail through the air towards the end zone.

Watching dirt and mud fly as colts stride down the final stretch of the Kentucky Derby neck and neck to a photo finish.

However, there are few annual sporting events more stunning and memorable, more capable of delivering on the promise of providing an experience of a lifetime like the Masters Golf Tournament.

Steeped in tradition and scenic beauty unlike any other event in the world, the Masters is the ultimate test of skill and determination in the world of professional golf.

Played at one of the world’s most exclusive clubs, walk the fairways of Augusta National where Nicklaus, Palmer, and Woods have taken on the challenge many times over.

The Masters is the rare annual event that combines majestic beauty and heart-stopping excitement with a sense of class and style that you will never forget. It is the crown jewel of the golfing world and the one experience of a lifetime that no golf enthusiast should go without.

Allow Major Sports Augusta to be your guide and travel provider to the creation of a cherished memory.

Whether you want to be one of those screaming fans at the Super Bowl, watch the horses run at the Kentucky Derby, or build an indelible memory as you bask in the history and tradition of The Masters, Major Sports Augusta is your most direct source for attending these prestigious events and witnessing these transcendent moments.  They are YOUR TICKET IN!

The Masters - Choosing Your Travel Provider

Posted on October 2, 2018

So, you have decided that you would like to host your top-tiered clients at the most coveted and prestigious annual sporting event in all of professional golf - The Masters Golf Tournament!

From the hallowed halls of past champions to the lush rolling greens of the sublime fairways and the moment where the winner is welcomed into the pantheon of victors and is awarded that iconic green jacket, the Masters experience is unlike any other.

Only one question remains: Who will you trust for this coveted experience?

Working through the right travel provider will leave you with an unrivaled experience during which every moment is becomes a cherished memory - a trip that leaves all participants mesmerized by their enjoyment and singing your praises.

Whereas entrusting your time and resources to the wrong broker will lead to a poorly planned trip fraught with miscommunication, mismanagement and likely without the biggest piece of the puzzle - your event access. 

The "good" travel provider is one who strives to build a trusting relationship through the planning process and understands that every interaction during the event is an opportunity to impress.  When hosting at any event, the importance of timely, courteous, reliable and professional care is at the forefront for all your special guests.  The good travel provider knows that no detail is too small and no concern should go unaddressed.  

You want a memorable experience and you deserve full commitment from your chosen provider.  For the planning & management of your upcoming Masters event, the trusted services of Major Sports Augusta are what you need!

When working with Major Sports Augusta, you’re more than just a customer; you’re an honored guest. They manage the responsibility of your enjoyment with great care by understanding the desired result of your event and personalizing itineraries specific to your budget & needs.  Their coordinators manage the logistics to achieve those ends, coordinating with you through each step of the planning process, and developing ideas along the way to ensure your event maximizes investment & satisfaction.

Travel programs offered through Major Sports Augusta include:

  • Event Access: Guaranteed delivery of your Tournament Credentials
  • Masters Housing: Large selection of executive rental properties providing a welcomed alternative to traditional hotel accommodations
  • Private Transportation:  Individual & group transfer needs during the event in spacious SUV's & vans

Major Sports Augusta's strong reputation of providing world-class travel experiences to the Masters sets them apart from the competition.  Being Augusta based, they're your most direct source for planning and attending this prestigious event.  You're treated as a valued guest with their proven one on one strategy that ensures each clients needs are fully met. 

Begin your planning today with Major Sports Augusta - We're your ticket in!

The Masters Experience

Posted on September 12, 2018

In business, as in life, everyone is looking for a competitive advantage. It’s what separates small operations from world-dominating international brands.

That thing that sets you apart. Major Sports Augusta is that competitive advantage.

A well-conceived and comprehensive travel incentive program can be the most rewarding and cost effective turnkey option for achieving optimal ROI.

Held annually at the stunning Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, there are few travel destination events that encapsulate the epitome of prestige and tradition like the Masters; the crown jewel of the PGA tour.

With its pristine greens, rolling hills, scenic fairways, and echoes of iconic legends and past champions, this is the premier event and opportunity to cement your place in the hearts and minds of your employees, management staff, sales and marketing teams, and esteemed clientele (both current and potential).

The Masters experience is unlike any other in terms of scope, network potential, and sheer prestige.  From the opening tee shot, to the breathless moments of the final putt on the 18th and the awarding of the iconic green jacket, it is the ultimate golden ticket for travel incentive destinations.

Whether your desired result is increased sales revenue, client acquisition and retention, employee recruitment and loyalty, or product and services promotion; incentive motivation is king.

But if you’re going to do it… do it right.

Guaranteed event access and credentials are just the start.

Entertain your guests and employees while cultivating profitable business relationships as you stay at palatial executive-styled rental properties.

Breeze through downtown Augusta and spend time on Washington Road in style with transportation management firmly in the hands of seasoned professionals with your comfort, safety, and convenience being their singular goal.

Generate sales leads and improve both client relations and employee productivity while discussing the rich history of the Masters. Form invaluable memories with your guests reliving Horton Smith’s one stroke victory over Craig Wood in his historic inaugural win in 1934; all the way up to 2018’s winner Patrick Reed’s brilliant short game and his secret weapon in the form of his first-time use of contact lenses which helped him see his way to his -15 win.

That was his competitive advantage. Sometimes seeing the ball is the one thing separating 1st place and the field.

Make Major Sports Augusta your competitive advantage and see your way to a ROI that separates you from the field.