The 3 worst heartbreaks in the history of The Masters

Posted on January 16, 2020

For some mysterious reason, perhaps due to being the first major of the year or taking place at a club with a controversial history, the Masters is a tournament that's hosted many heartbreaks. Seemingly unstoppable performances collapse on Sunday surprisingly often, but there are three particular upsets that stand out from the rest. 

3. Arnold Palmer - 1961

Two titans of golf, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player, fought for the Masters title in 1961 to the final hole. The back bunker played a key role in the final result. Player, who was a group ahead of Palmer on Sunday, found the bunker on 18 but managed to make it up and down for par. Palmer was one shot ahead Player when he reached 18 and ended up in the same bunker. If he could manage the same up and down, he would win the tournament. Unfortunately, Palmer overshot the green out of the sand and missed a 15-foot putt for bogey, giving Play the championship at eight under par.

2. Scott Hoch - 1989

Scott Hoch was never on the list of top golfers in the world during his career, but he had his best chance to win a major tournament and put his name in the record books during then 1989 Masters. When Hoch reached Hole 17, he had a one shot lead over rival Nick Faldo. He bogeyed 17 and ended up in a tie with Faldo after 18. In the first playoff hole, Hoch made a great 2nd shot onto the green, setting himself up for a birdie. Tragically, he missed his 3-foot putt for birdie and then lost on the next hole when Faldo sunk a 25 footer. 

1. Greg Norman - 1996

If this list were longer, Greg Norman would be on it more than once. In 1987, after playing four rounds of fantastic golf, Norman entered into a three-way playoff with Larry Mize and Seve Ballesteros only to lose on the 11th hole after Mize chipped the ball in to earn the title. Norman's loss in 1996 was all about his own collapse rather than someone else's great play. With a six-shot lead going into the final round, the Shark began a string of bogeys on the ninth hole. By the end of the round, he had shot a whopping 78 and lost the lead to Nick Faldo. A famous shot of Norman collapsing to his knees is still one of the most notorious images in golf.

Staying in style at the Masters

Posted on December 31, 2019

The words Masters” and “style”
were born to live in the same sentence. 
-Golf  Digest

If your sense of style includes ripped tennis shoes and a raggy t-shirt with a funny saying on the front, you can wear them at the Masters Tournament in Augusta. But no one will be laughing, and the scorn that would rain down upon you would make a raging thunderstorm seem gentle.

The Masters has a dress code, and as with the event itself, it is understated:

Appropriate clothing and shoes should be worn at all times.
Golf shoes with metal spikes are not permitted.

An online news venue says, “You will mainly see golf casual on the course. Layered clothing is also recommended since mornings are still a little cool.”

Dress Like a Player

If you’re a golfer, dress like one and use weather-sense. Be prepared for rain and/or extreme heat. Layer clothing. Sturdy walking shoes you’ve “broken-in” would be your most valuable article of clothing.

Golf Digest cites outstanding outfits worn by Masters players, and you can re-create these looks:

  • 1960, Arnold Palmer/Ben Hogan – Navy cardigans and black brogues set the stage for an “iconic…signature” look. If your cardigan is custom-fitted, all the better.
  • 1984, Gary Player – Gary’s style was “man in black,” but the day he wore white pants, white shoes, and a white-trimmed navy polo shirt, heads turned and fashionistos took note. His cap, belt, and golf glove were bright white. On that day, Gary Player “popped.”
  • 2016, Billy Horschel – Not many people can pull off “crazy patterned pants,” but Billy did by pairing them with nothing but solid colors.

There’s Style…And Staying in Style

Another way to “stay in the style” at the Masters is to let us arrange executive housing for your stay in Augusta. Bring the family. Or you and your friends can enjoy a rental home that includes daily maid service and a chef.

For many, the Masters is a once-in-a-lifetime event. And that’s what we do: Help you create once-in-a-lifetime memories. We can customize your Masters experience:

  • Access to special events/behind-the-scenes parties
  • Entertainment
  • Event access
  • Hosted dinners
  • Hotel accommodations/private rental properties
  • Premium event hospitality
  • Private transportation/logistics

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Planning your perfect customized travel package to The Masters

Posted on November 26, 2019

Looking for an experience at The Masters that's catered to your specific tastes and interests? You can plan the perfect customized travel package by just asking yourself a few important questions. While the rules of the tournament itself may be strict, you have the freedom in Augusta to participate in a wide range of activities and experience all sorts of high-quality amenities. 

How Do You Want to Get There?

There are many ways to get to The Masters in Augusta, Georgia. Those who live in the Southeast part of the United States can drive to the city in less than half a day. Those further away can fly into Augusta Regional Airport on Delta or American Airlines. From there, you can use the local bus network to get to the course or your hotel or hire private transportation. 

Where Do You Want to Stay?

Augusta is a popular tourist destination with plenty of lodging options. Your customized travel package can include anything from a luxurious home rental near the club or a more budget-friendly hotel room. There are extended-stay hotels as well as Historic Inns that have been part of the city for more than 100 years. This is one of the busiest times of the year for the city, so make sure to book your customized travel package as early as possible. 

What Do You Want to See?

Officially, The Masters tournament week begins the Monday before tee off with the Augusta Mayor's Masters Reception which includes food, music and a variety of other activities that are friendly for visitors of all ages. On Tuesday, there's the Rock Fore! Dough event which combines music and golf to raise money for youth programs. On Friday night before the final two rounds, Augusta at Night is host to big-name artists at nearby SRP Park.

What Do You Want to Eat?

The concessions during The Masters offers a variety of options to satisfy even the pickiest palate. The most famous may be the pimiento cheese sandwich which can be found right on the course for just $1.50.  If that price point catches your attention, you won't have trouble finding other options in that range that have become synonymous with the Masters Golf Tournament such as Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich that can't be found anywhere except Augusta Tournament Week! 

To be part of the upcoming 2020 Masters Golf Tournament, Major Sports Augusta is your trusted travel provider for the most memorable Augusta experience! With over 18 years of service in hosting Augusta travel, our planners will customize a travel experience specific to your needs while keeping you within your desired budget.  Give us a call to so you can check one more off your bucket list!

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The Masters - The Ultimate Turn Key Event

Posted on November 12, 2019

The Masters Golf Tournament is one of the four biggest events on the PGA tour and Augusta, GA is the place where the top golfers in the sport dream about winning their Green Jacket. You may never earn the green jacket yourself, but that doesn't mean you can't "win" at the Masters. The tournament in Augusta is a huge opportunity to market your products and build your marketing network virtually from the ground up. For the enterprising marketer, the masters can be a turn-key event to launch your business into its next phase.

Why Is The Masters Such A Big Deal?

The Masters is unquestionably among the biggest sporting events of the year. The seven-day duration of the complete event offers you a much wider breadth of time to deploy your marketing efforts compared to one-day events like the Super Bowl. Each participant has qualified throughout their competitive play leading up to the event, so virtually every round and every tee time offer a superstar of the sport taking on their superstar competitors. Even the amateur participants are the best out of their peers and usually on the verge of making a splash on the pro scene.  

How The Masters Can Be A Turnkey Marketing Solution

When you are marketing at the masters, you have the perfect conditions to institute a turnkey marketing strategy. You will have a competitive edge over your competitors who are not hosting or making any attempt to affiliate the tournament with their brand identity. The amount of brand loyalty that the PGA tour in general and the Masters in particular enjoys has been formed over 8 decades. Your key customers and clients see the Masters as a source of joy in recreation, and you can affiliate your brand identity with that feeling. Your presence at the event lends the prestige of the tournament to your brand. Not all sporting events have this ineffable cachet or sense of dignity to their proceedings. This may be why the event is such a singular marketing opportunity and why opportunities to attend are so competitive.

To be part of the upcoming 2020 Masters Golf Tournament, Major Sports Augusta is your trusted travel provider for the most memorable Augusta experience! With over 18 years of service in hosting Augusta travel, our planners will customize a travel experience specific to your needs while keeping you within your desired budget.  Give us a call to so you can check one more off your bucket list!

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The Masters -The Annual Event Of A Lifetime

Posted on November 5, 2019

While The Masters isn't the oldest major tournament in golf, it has earned one of the most prestigious reputations due to its very unique style and tradition. No other tournament or event has an item as iconic as the green jacket or a history so full of noteworthy performances. This is a special event even for those who aren't playing. To make sure you experience the event of a lifetime while you're at The Masters, make sure you follow some of these important tips. 

Enjoy the Food

When you visit Augusta National Golf Club, make sure to go hungry. If you're lucky enough to get a Masters Series Badge with a Clubhouse Upgrade, you'll have the opportunity to dine next to the big live oak tree in the member's only section. Rumor has it that this dining room creates some of the best cuisine on any course around. Even if you don't get this special badge, the normal dining options at The Masters are excellent, and the prices are surprisingly affordable. Don't forget the famous pimento cheese sandwich.

Get a Spot at the Twelfth Tee

Probably one of the best viewpoints at Augusta, the small bleachers behind the 12th tee offer an amazing view of three different holes. You'll get to see the approach shot to the 11th green, the tee shot at the 12th as well as the tee shot at the 13th. It's these holes where major shifts on the leader board are seen on Saturday and Sunday. Of course, there are great views at spots around the course, so make sure to mix things up when you can.

Go a Day Before the Official Start

Masters week officially begins on the Sunday before the tournament, and there are many activities to participate in each day before the first tee off on Thursday. If you can't make it too early, at least arrive on Wednesday to see the par-3 tournament. This is the ideal opportunity to see legends of the game like Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. You'll also have the chance to view players in their practice sessions. Since there are no leaders before the tournament, the crowds are dispersed and it's easier to get a closer look at your favorite players.