Hidden Gems Only Found at the Masters!

Posted on June 11, 2019

Singular in its iconic status, legendary in its dedication to tradition & class, breathtaking in its display of elegance & stylized execution, the Masters is an annual event that epitomizes the culmination of athletic competition and sophistication. 

Within this extraordinary tournament one can find locations and items that only those in attendance have the unique opportunity to experience elevating this once-in-a-lifetime trip to even greater heights!

Here are 5 such gems:

Getting a snack won’t break the bank

Whether it’s the $1.50 Egg Salad or Pimento Cheese sandwiches or the $1.50 Georgia Pecan Caramel Popcorn or the $2.00 Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich, the Masters Golf Tournament boasts some of the most affordable food prices of any major sporting event.

Where else can you have a full lunch with drink for less than $7.00 in the midst of  a "Heaven on Earth" atmosphere?  There aren't many places I can think of other than at the Masters!

A round of Golf during the Masters

While it’s true that round of golf can be played in Augusta almost any time during a visit to the great city of Augusta, there is only one time a year when you can play when the aura of the Masters Golf Tournament is in the air.  Just a short distance from the Tournament is one of the most historic & iconic golf courses in the Garden City: Forest Hills Golf Club!

In particular, this course is where legendary Augusta National co-founder Bobby Jones began his infamous Grand Slam of Golf.  Playing at the picturesque Forest Hill Golf Club will have you walking in the echoes of one of golf’s most celebrated figures as you tee-off for a memorable round before your focus changes to attending tournament play at the nearby Augusta National.

Where the Heavens Meet

Upon finding your way back to the Masters, there are few spots no more spectacular than the famed Amen Corner. Get there to claim your spot early as this “must see” hidden gem consists of three converging holes with a remarkable view unlike any other.

The first of the three, objectively the most difficult hole of the tournament, is the Par 4 11th.

After that is the shortest, arguably most dangerous hole of the tournament, the Par 3 12th.

And finally, one of the longest holes on the course, the Par 5 13th rounds out this panoramic perch. From this gem you can view some of the most triumphant and tragic moments of the tournament.

A place to rest

Now that you’ve studied the course and found a few prime perches, let’s talk about your seat. For the reasonable price of $30, pick up the simple green folding chair adorned with The Masters logo at the merchandise shop and put it to use where ever you go.  This gem of the Masters is one you'll gladly take home with you as a cherished souvenir!  This piece of memorabilia is as functional as it is ubiquitous around the tournament.

1112 Stanley Dr. Augusta Ga

There is, however, one place on the grounds where your seat can’t be placed. That is the site of the final gem on our list.

At 1112 Stanley Drive sits the home of Herman & Elizabeth Thacker. This otherwise non-descript house has the unique distinction of sitting squarely in the middle of the Augusta National golf club.

Built in 1959, this home has withstood numerous attempts by Augusta National to purchase it as part of the expansion in their ever changing growth of the club's footprint. The Thackers aren’t selling any time soon!

These are only a few of the fantastic features waiting for you at the Masters. But the only way to find them is to be there. The last hidden gem isn’t quite so hidden- it is Major Sports Augusta!

Major Sports Augusta is your trusted travel provider for the proper planning required for the most memorable Augusta experience! With over 18 years of service in hosting Augusta travel, our planners will customize a travel experience specific to your needs while keeping you within your desired budget.  Give us a call to so you can check one more off your bucket list!

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How The Masters has repeatedly changed the game

Posted on May 10, 2019

Change is the only constant in life. This idiom speaks to the ever-evolving nature of all things. In business, as in the game of life, the goal is to always remain ahead of these constantly-shifting elements that make or break your success.

To win the game, and continue winning, you must be able to adapt to change.

The Masters is an event deeply rooted in tradition and history; but even this mighty example of heritage and ritual has undergone fundamental changes and growth over the years. Held annually at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta Ga., the only thing unchanged over the years is the location.

In this, the Masters has influenced changes in the landscape of the game of golf and golfing culture the world over.

Television coverage of The Masters has changed the way golf tournaments are followed around the world. As technology has evolved, so has the ability for the Masters to imprint itself as one of world’s most significant sporting events.

From its initial coverage in 1956... to the expansion of coverage in 1958... to its 1966 first colorized presentation... 1982’s inclusion of Thursday and Friday play through the present, The Masters has consistently moved the needle and shaped the reach of the game itself.

With the evolution of technology and television coverage, the cachet of The Masters has become synonymous with prestige and status, globally recognized as a rare and valuable business opportunity.

In terms of promotional, marketing, networking, and client recruitment potential, this change represents prospects that few other annual events can offer. The inherent investment opportunities that exists with a ticket to The Masters simply cannot be overstated.

The key to capitalizing on change comes down to preparation and positioning. Anticipating change and maximizing on its benefits is the most reliable and assured way to win the game.  

If you desire to seize the opportunities that the Masters provides… you gotta be there.

Carpe Diem!

Let Major Sports Augusta help you seize the day. With our custom travel packages and individualized care, we can help position you at the Masters in class, style, and unrivaled comfort.

Change is inevitable. As the Masters continues to be a driving force in that change, allow Major Sports Augusta to be the trusted travel provider that helps you use that force to drive your business forward.

Call and speak with one of our knowledgeable and professional travel advisors and we’ll find a package that fits your needs.   

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Maximizing your budget at the Masters

Posted on April 26, 2019

A trip to the Masters can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Masters affords its attendees the chance to witness world-class athletic competition in elegance and comfort while simultaneously experiencing first-rate accommodations in a setting tailor-made for corporate relations.

The key to planning is efficiency, both financial and with time. Making every choice a practical one and every cent spent a productive one.

At the heart is proper planning. Getting the most out of every dollar spent and maximizing your return on investment (ROI) while attending the Masters comes down to three basic components:

  • Having a clear and concise idea of your desired outcome
  • An adequate budget
  • Trusting the right travel provider

What is your vision?

Your ability to fully realize these benefits hindges on having a clear vision of what your trip intends to accomplish.

  1. Do you require a full travel package or just event passes?
    1. If so, which of our travel packages fit your specific needs?
  2. Is this a personal trip or group excursion?
  3. Is this a trip designed as a component of a corporate incentive program or as a marketing tool?
  4. Is this a trip intended to entice and promote relations with high-level clientele?
  5. What type of additions would you like to include?
    1. Residential accommodations
    2. Rounds of golf at exclusive premium golf clubs
    3. Hosted dinners with chef and staff arrangements
    4. Dinner reservations
    5. Private event transportation

Knowing your budget

Allocating adequate time and financial resources for the planning and execution of a trip to the Masters is essential.

Allotting a sufficient budget ensures all components of your trip can be reserved as well as being paid for in advance. This allows you to put your mind at ease with the knowledge that all your needs have been accounted for.

Knowing who to trust

This may be the most important part of your event as choosing the right travel provider can make or break your trip.

Trusting the right provider means choosing a team that takes the time to understand as well as anticipate your needs.  You want a company that appreciates and respects your resources and who actively works to make the most out of your valuable time and finances.

A team dedicated to YOUR vision & YOUR desired outcome!

Bottom line

What is your goal?  What is your budget?  Who can you trust?  These are the questions you need to ask in order to guarantee that you’ll be getting the most out of your budget when planning to attend the Masters Golf Tournament.

Fortunately, the answer for all of these question can be found with the help of Major Sports Augusta.

Major Sports Augusta will work with you to help create a vision that fits your specific needs. We can find an option that fits within the parameters of your allocated budget while fulfilling all of those established needs. The end result is making the very most of your time and resources!

And finally, Major Sports Augusta is who you should trust to treat your time, money, and vision with the respect and regard that it deserves.  Our expertise in hosting both individual and corporate clients allows us to ensure that every cent and every minute spent is fully utilized in making your trip to the Masters the once-in-a-lifetime event that it should be.

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5 Amazing places to dine while at The Masters

Posted on April 23, 2019

A trip to The Masters, whether business or personal, is a wondrous opportunity to witness world-class golf at one of the most exclusive golf clubs in America.

But man cannot live on golf alone.  

The quality of your cuisine can make or break the overall experience of your excursion. Before reveling in the glorious spectacle that is The Masters, you should consider the culinary needs of you and your guests.

Allow Major Sports Augusta, your trusted travel provider, to take you on a tour of a few of the fantastic dining delights available to you.

Here are 5 Amazing places to consider dining while at The Masters.

T Bonz Steakhouse of Augusta -2856 Washington Rd, Augusta

Let’s be honest, if there is one thing that sings the sweet song of savory success and meaty indulgence, it’s a thick, juicy, steak. And if you crave a prime cut of beef heaven, T Bonz should be your only destination. All meats cut fresh in-house and made daily, their wings, ribs, chicken, and seafood are second-to-none. Voted the best steak in Augusta, T Bonz is a place you simply can’t miss.

Frog Hollow Tavern - 1282 Broad St, Augusta, GA

No list of Augusta dining destinations would be complete without this unrivaled gem. Frog Hollow Tavern is renowned throughout the Southeast for its exquisitely prepared regional fare. Seafood dishes made with care and elegance that spring from the plate and leave an indelible mark on your soul. Do not leave without trying the silk-white dayboat grouper.

Luigi’s - 590 Broad St, Augusta, GA

If you crave authentic Italian cuisine, you do yourself an unforgivable disservice if you don’t dine at Luigi’s. Established in 1949, it stands as Augusta’s oldest family-owned restaurant.  Classic Italian and Greek dishes made in the tradition of the old world, each bite transports back to a more simple time where quality mattered.

Craft & Vine - 1204 Broad St B, Augusta, GA

So you’re in the mood for wine, spirits, and small plate fare. A quick trip to Craft & Vine can fill that need in sublime fashion. Stop in for their endless selection of local brews, wines, and cocktails as you devour one of their mouthwatering Angus burgers.

Boll Weevil Café and Sweetery - 10 James Brown Blvd, Augusta, GA

Your sweet tooth must be satisfied. No place can do it better than this unassuming bakery nestled in a former cotton warehouse. With over 30 fresh, homemade baked delights spanning the spectrum of sweet satiation, Boll Weevil Café will leave you in a state of sugar-induced euphoria.

Where ever you choose to dine once you arrive in Augusta, make certain to pick the right travel partner to get you there.

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The Masters - An Effective Strategy To Win Business

Posted on March 29, 2019

Simply put, besides the Masters Golf Tournament being the most coveted Golf Championship in the world, the event also provides the ideal opportunity for networking and business relations. At its core, successful business relations have always come down to a few basic principles:

  • Competency from leadership
  • Resource acquisition and management
  • Effective planning and implementation
  • Professional relationships

Of all of these pillars of success, professional relationships are the hardest to achieve and maintain because they rely on factors that are not always within your control.

Winning business from competitors and becoming a high-profile leader within your industry must be an integral part of your business plan.

Professional relationships with sales teams, marketing, exclusive clientele, and even employees, must be nurtured and maintained daily to achieve these goal. Finding effective ways of maximizing ROI to encourage the growth and profitability of these dynamics requires creative resource management and imaginative policies.

Devising activities and events geared to expand and improve brand/company loyalty while extending your company’s imprint into your market is essential in increasing market share and revenue.

Whether you’re considering incentive programs for your employees and sales staff, or looking to create value for your top-tiered clientele, the overwhelming advantages of a well-funded, expertly planned Travel Incentive Program cannot be overstated.

Working with a trusted travel partner to incorporate a major sporting event destination component into your incentive program can pay dividends beyond your imagination.  

There are few destination sporting events that resonate with more prestige and influence than the annual Masters Golf Tournament!

One of only four annual major championships, the Masters is the ultimate destination event for:

  • Generating new business and sales leads
  • Team and morale building to increase productivity and employee satisfaction
  • Networking
  • Impressing premiere, high-level partners and clients
  • Launching new products or introducing new services

Using the Masters to create opportunities and improve professional relationships is just good business. Getting to the Masters requires a trusted travel partner who will identify your particular needs and customize a package that guarantees a positive ROI.

Major Sports Augusta is that trusted partner for your destination event planning needs!

Whether you're in need of premium seating or a full turnkey travel package inclusive of event tickets, premier hospitality and party-event access, residential accommodations and customized private transportation, Major Sports Augusta is determined to provide you with a cost effective plan.

At its core, business is about relationships.  The Masters, as an instrument to improve business relations, only works when its inclusion and utilization involves seamless integration into your incentive program.

Trust Major Sports Augusta to be your guide to the Masters.

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