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The Masters - The Ultimate Turn Key Event

Posted on November 12, 2019

The Masters Golf Tournament is one of the four biggest events on the PGA tour and Augusta, GA is the place where the top golfers in the sport dream about winning their Green Jacket. You may never earn the green jacket yourself, but that doesn't mean you can't "win" at the Masters. The tournament in Augusta is a huge opportunity to market your products and build your marketing network virtually from the ground up. For the enterprising marketer, the masters can be a turn-key event to launch your business into its next phase.

Why Is The Masters Such A Big Deal?

The Masters is unquestionably among the biggest sporting events of the year. The seven-day duration of the complete event offers you a much wider breadth of time to deploy your marketing efforts compared to one-day events like the Super Bowl. Each participant has qualified throughout their competitive play leading up to the event, so virtually every round and every tee time offer a superstar of the sport taking on their superstar competitors. Even the amateur participants are the best out of their peers and usually on the verge of making a splash on the pro scene.  

How The Masters Can Be A Turnkey Marketing Solution

When you are marketing at the masters, you have the perfect conditions to institute a turnkey marketing strategy. You will have a competitive edge over your competitors who are not hosting or making any attempt to affiliate the tournament with their brand identity. The amount of brand loyalty that the PGA tour in general and the Masters in particular enjoys has been formed over 8 decades. Your key customers and clients see the Masters as a source of joy in recreation, and you can affiliate your brand identity with that feeling. Your presence at the event lends the prestige of the tournament to your brand. Not all sporting events have this ineffable cachet or sense of dignity to their proceedings. This may be why the event is such a singular marketing opportunity and why opportunities to attend are so competitive.

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The Masters -The Annual Event Of A Lifetime

Posted on November 5, 2019

While The Masters isn't the oldest major tournament in golf, it has earned one of the most prestigious reputations due to its very unique style and tradition. No other tournament or event has an item as iconic as the green jacket or a history so full of noteworthy performances. This is a special event even for those who aren't playing. To make sure you experience the event of a lifetime while you're at The Masters, make sure you follow some of these important tips. 

Enjoy the Food

When you visit Augusta National Golf Club, make sure to go hungry. If you're lucky enough to get a Masters Series Badge with a Clubhouse Upgrade, you'll have the opportunity to dine next to the big live oak tree in the member's only section. Rumor has it that this dining room creates some of the best cuisine on any course around. Even if you don't get this special badge, the normal dining options at The Masters are excellent, and the prices are surprisingly affordable. Don't forget the famous pimento cheese sandwich.

Get a Spot at the Twelfth Tee

Probably one of the best viewpoints at Augusta, the small bleachers behind the 12th tee offer an amazing view of three different holes. You'll get to see the approach shot to the 11th green, the tee shot at the 12th as well as the tee shot at the 13th. It's these holes where major shifts on the leader board are seen on Saturday and Sunday. Of course, there are great views at spots around the course, so make sure to mix things up when you can.

Go a Day Before the Official Start

Masters week officially begins on the Sunday before the tournament, and there are many activities to participate in each day before the first tee off on Thursday. If you can't make it too early, at least arrive on Wednesday to see the par-3 tournament. This is the ideal opportunity to see legends of the game like Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. You'll also have the chance to view players in their practice sessions. Since there are no leaders before the tournament, the crowds are dispersed and it's easier to get a closer look at your favorite players. 

Why it's called "The Masters"

Posted on October 18, 2019

If you mention the Masters to someone, chances are they will know exactly what you are talking about, even if they are not a big golf fan. The Masters Golf Tournament, to give it its full name, is now one of the best known annual sporting events. But the competition was not always known by that title. Co-founded in 1934 by the legendary golfer Bobby Jones, it was first known as the Augusta National Invitational Tournament. Jones initially tried to get the US Open to be played at his new Augusta club, but the offer was rejected as the hot Georgia weather was thought to be too humid for elite tournament play.

Though there was talk of calling it the Masters at the very outset, Jones objected to the name on the basis that it would sound too presumptuous. Instead he insisted it be known more modestly as the Augusta National Invitational Tournament. However, within a few years it had quickly established a reputation worth of the lofty title and Jones agreed to let it be named the Masters Tournament after all, with the present familiar title being adopted in 1939. Its fame would grow and grow, especially after being associated with names like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, and Tiger Woods after that.

These days the tournament is simply known by that short yet elegant name. Much of its popularity can be attributed to its permanent home at a fine course, and the rich set of traditions that have been developed around it, including the famed green jacket. Originally just for members of the club, it is now awarded to the winner each year in a time-honored ritual. One thing is certain is that the club and the competition Bobby Jones envisioned and helped make a reality all those years ago has certainly lived up to its name.

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Making The Most Out Of The Masters Marketing Potential

Posted on October 9, 2019

Six-time PGA champion Lee Travino said about his short game “Putts get real difficult the day they hand out the money.” Even if you have never played a single round of golf you have probably felt this phenomenon yourself. As the Masters' tournament approaches and you are preparing to launch your marketing campaign, you might feel that same sense that even the smallest tasks are getting a little bit harder. With this in mind, today we are taking a closer look at the small adjustments that you can make to maximize the marketing potential of the Masters.

Be Where Your Consumers Are

In any sporting event, there will be a certain amount of positioning that is necessary to gain the kind of attention you are looking for. To use a golf analogy you should never be in the rough when you can be on the green. Strong positioning of your brand ambassadors and promotional materials should take into account that while the Masters has many venues and possible places to stake your claim, everyone is there to watch the golfers. While you are unlikely to be able to sponsor every golfer and plaster them like a Nascar, there are other possibilities. Your brand ambassadors can integrate with the crowd following a specific match and hand out free items that make it easier to be a spectator, such as branded bottles of water or hand fans for the heat. You can also place kiosks and other stationary marketing areas near high-volume thoroughfares or eateries where customers are bound to pass by. 

Three Big Components To Successful Sport Marketing For The Masters

There are three simple yet powerful principles you should follow to maximize your success at the Masters:

1. Don't Upstage The Event

The annals of sports marketing are like a graveyard for brands that thought that they were bigger than the event that they were sponsoring. While the ultimate goal is to link your brand with the tournament in the mind of the fans, you should make your brand all about golf, not the Masters all about your brand. If you can't have a presence on the course, host a viewing party where others who are in the same vote can watch the big matches with you. If you seem to be authentically excited about the event it is easier to win over the fans who feel the same way.

2. Exercise Lateral Thinking

Commonly articulated as thinking outside the box, lateral thinking does involve moving outside your comfort zone. If you have a target demographic that has shown the highest degree of loyalty to your brand, it may be tempting to keep on pressing that button until it breaks. However, it may be more prudent to focus on the fastest-growing demographic rather than the largest one. This may require you to attempt marketing events that you have never coordinated before, and this will be as potentially lucrative as it is exciting.

3. Play To Win 

This is the most self-explanatory. You have a specific goal that you have to meet by having a presence at the masters. Commit to that goal and outline all the steps that exist between the start of the campaign and that goal. Most of the hardest work will be in the preparation, but just like Lee Trevino said you should focus the most when there are the fewest tasks left to do. Execution is essential, and there won't be any green jackets waiting for you if you shoot for par.  

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Building an incentive plan around The Masters

Posted on September 25, 2019

When it comes to developing an incentive plan, the Masters Tournament provides an ideal opportunity. Golf as a sport is closely associated with business and networking, and you can be certain your employees and recruitment targets will have an interest in it. If your aim is to impress, you naturally go with the biggest and best event there is, which for golf is the Masters Tournament. Nothing sends a stronger message to your employees and the outside world that your company is in the big leagues than associating it with one of the most well-known sporting events there is. Unlike other one-off events, the days-long format of the Masters naturally allows ample opportunity for interaction and networking. 

When it comes to something this big, is a danger for things to go very badly if they are not planned correctly. Just as the Masters can be a great incentive, if the trip goes wrong that can lead to equally great disappointment. Therefore it is vitally important to plan carefully for the Masters as there is little room for error. If something has not been arranged well in advance there will scant possibility for last minute bookings at this extremely popular and well-attended event. Everyone else, maybe even your close competitors, will be making advanced plans to showcase their business at this event and you need to do so too.

By far the best way to ensure your Masters Tournament incentive plan is a success and not a source of disappointment is to partner with a specialist agency. It makes sense to use the services of people whose focus is in making these arrangements year after year. This is well worth it as it gives you and your company the edge over others who did not have the foresight to retain expert assistance. Furthermore, by doing so you build up ongoing relationships allowing your incentive plan to establish a reputation and grow as needed. The ultimate goal is to establish your business as one that sends people to the biggest tournament there is because it is one of the biggest and best players in its own arena.