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The Masters - The Kingmaker of Golf

Posted on April 3, 2020

The sport of golf is a global phenomenon, and many courses and tournaments on the PGA tour boast strong attendance and prestige, but the Masters' green jacket stands alone as one of the most coveted awards in the sport. When it comes to professional golf, the Masters is truly the kingmaker of the sport. Today we are taking a closer look at the Masters and why you should be excited about the upcoming tournament. 

A Brief History of the Masters

Before 1910, Augusta Georgia was the home to one of the oldest fruit tree nurseries in the American south, Fruitland Nursery. Golf legend Bobby Jones was flushed with cash after winning the grand slam in 1930 and sought to use it to purchase the Fruitland Nursery property, which had fallen into a state of disuse and disrepair. Jones and investment banker, Clifford Roberts, took the opportunity to develop the property into the golf course of their dreams. It was christened the Augusta National Golf Club when it was opened in 1932. The opening rounds became the talk of the golf world throughout the early 1930s. The very first Masters was called the Augusta National Invitation Tournament, and its 72-hole four-day format was considered one of the most challenging tournaments. This format gave promoters opportunities to integrate special events and other forms of entertainment with sporting events. 

The Masters Today

The Masters is considered one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world. The competition is invitation-only and competitors are selected based on their past achievements in the golfing world. Winning the Masters awards you a lifetime invitation to the Masters Tournament and automatic invitations to three other major tournaments for a half-decade. This is one of the main reasons why the event is considered a Kingmaker, as winning the Masters all but ensures that you will have a place in the upper echelons of the sport for years to come. Earning the gold metal and distinctive green jacket of the Masters is considered the pinnacle of a pro golfing career.

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What Makes The Masters Unlike Any Other Sporting Event

Posted on March 11, 2020

Most people will agree; the Masters is unlike any other sporting event. However, what is it that makes the Masters so unique among leading sporting events? There are many good answers, and they all combine to make this a must-see event that you should experience at least once, and preferably as much as possible.

The Tradition

The Masters cannot be separated from the iconic green jacket. The winner of the Masters Golf Tournament receives a green jacket along with an honorary club membership. The image of golf's greatest players donning the jacket is now firmly established in the public's mind and is part of the tournament's special attraction. The winner gets to hold on to the jacket for the first year, after which it is returned the club to be worn when the winner is on the premises.

The Location

Other than maybe Wimbledon, no major sporting event is so closely associated with the location where it is held as the Masters. In fact, the Masters and the Augusta National Golf Course, where tournament is held, were conceived of together by influential golfer Bobby Jones in the 1930s. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Drama

As an individual sport, the Masters is capable of offering remarkable stories of sheer determination and overcoming setbacks, both on and off the course. In recent years there has been the phenomenal comeback story of Tiger Woods. His surely ranks as one of the greatest stories of a youthful giant battling through many obstacles to re-emerge triumphant again on the same stage. That stage, of course, is the Augusta National Golf Course.

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The Masters - The Status And Style Destination

Posted on February 26, 2020

Going to the Masters in Augusta is not like attending any other sporting event. It's a way bigger deal than that and you absolutely should make the most of it. Don't miss out on the chance to make it the best trip it can be by doing it in style.

What to wear

Officially the suggested dress code to attend the Masters is 'appropriate clothes and shoes' with a lot of golf casual about. But you're at the Masters so why not live it up? In the early days of the Masters everything was much more formal. Men attending the Masters would invariably wear a tie, coat, and hat. That may be a little too formal for nowadays but this is still a wonderful occasion to break out the best in golf casual attire. For the ladies it's a great opportunity to dress up. Remember that it can be cool in the mornings at the Masters so considering layering. Having some fashionable rain attire to hand is also a good idea.

Where to stay

The are plenty of great places to stay during the Masters, and many hotels offer courtesy shuttles to the tournament. But don't fall into the trap of thinking you can find those upscale lodgings you are after at the last minute. Remember you are not the only person looking to live it up at the Masters. The key here is to get things in place early and let the other person who left things until the last minute be the disappointed one

Food and nightlife

When you are away from the links is another time to indulge in some stylish living. Augusta has no shortage of excellent restaurants and clubs and bars to keep you entertained. It's a lively town where excellent music is never too far away. Get ahead of the game by looking into it long before you arrive.

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You had to be there - Why seeing is believing at The Masters

Posted on February 4, 2020

One of the great things about professional sports is that, in addition to seeing your favorite participants playing at the top of their game, occasionally something magical happens. Golf is no exception and the US Masters Tournament has seen more than its fair share of wow! There are some moments so amazing you just had to be there to get the full effect. Plus you get a lifetime of bragging rights.

The Shot Heard Around The World

We start with the legendary 'shot heard around the world' by golfing legend Gene Sarazen. We'll forgive you if you weren't there in person as this took place way back in 1935, which was only the second year of the Masters Tournament. At the 15th hole Sarazen sent the ball 235 yards to score a double eagle. His amazing stroke was soon dubbed the 'shot heard around the world' and it helped put Augusta and the US Masters on the map.

Hometown Boy Larry Mize Does Good

The 1987 Masters was full of surprises when Larry Mize found himself in a sudden-death playoff with Seve Ballesteros and Greg Norman. Despite being the underdog, Mize was destined to be forever known for a spectacular shot when he chipped to birdie. One missed putt from Norman later, and Mize had won the famed green jacket. Better yet, Mize comes from Augusta! Amazing stories don't get any better than when it's a hometown boy who triumphs on the big stage.

Tiger Woods' Stunning Comeback

The 2019 Masters surely stands as one of the great comeback stories in sports. It had everything: a aging superstar past his prime who had been in the news for all the wrong reasons, and little to no expectation that he would do well. Despite health and other problems, Woods fought his way to a stunning victory in Augusta where it had all begun for him so many years beforehand.

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The 3 worst heartbreaks in the history of The Masters

Posted on January 16, 2020

For some mysterious reason, perhaps due to being the first major of the year or taking place at a club with a controversial history, the Masters is a tournament that's hosted many heartbreaks. Seemingly unstoppable performances collapse on Sunday surprisingly often, but there are three particular upsets that stand out from the rest. 

3. Arnold Palmer - 1961

Two titans of golf, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player, fought for the Masters title in 1961 to the final hole. The back bunker played a key role in the final result. Player, who was a group ahead of Palmer on Sunday, found the bunker on 18 but managed to make it up and down for par. Palmer was one shot ahead Player when he reached 18 and ended up in the same bunker. If he could manage the same up and down, he would win the tournament. Unfortunately, Palmer overshot the green out of the sand and missed a 15-foot putt for bogey, giving Play the championship at eight under par.

2. Scott Hoch - 1989

Scott Hoch was never on the list of top golfers in the world during his career, but he had his best chance to win a major tournament and put his name in the record books during then 1989 Masters. When Hoch reached Hole 17, he had a one shot lead over rival Nick Faldo. He bogeyed 17 and ended up in a tie with Faldo after 18. In the first playoff hole, Hoch made a great 2nd shot onto the green, setting himself up for a birdie. Tragically, he missed his 3-foot putt for birdie and then lost on the next hole when Faldo sunk a 25 footer. 

1. Greg Norman - 1996

If this list were longer, Greg Norman would be on it more than once. In 1987, after playing four rounds of fantastic golf, Norman entered into a three-way playoff with Larry Mize and Seve Ballesteros only to lose on the 11th hole after Mize chipped the ball in to earn the title. Norman's loss in 1996 was all about his own collapse rather than someone else's great play. With a six-shot lead going into the final round, the Shark began a string of bogeys on the ninth hole. By the end of the round, he had shot a whopping 78 and lost the lead to Nick Faldo. A famous shot of Norman collapsing to his knees is still one of the most notorious images in golf.