Most people will agree; the Masters is unlike any other sporting event. However, what is it that makes the Masters so unique among leading sporting events? There are many good answers, and they all combine to make this a must-see event that you should experience at least once, and preferably as much as possible.

The Tradition

The Masters cannot be separated from the iconic green jacket. The winner of the Masters Golf Tournament receives a green jacket along with an honorary club membership. The image of golf's greatest players donning the jacket is now firmly established in the public's mind and is part of the tournament's special attraction. The winner gets to hold on to the jacket for the first year, after which it is returned the club to be worn when the winner is on the premises.

The Location

Other than maybe Wimbledon, no major sporting event is so closely associated with the location where it is held as the Masters. In fact, the Masters and the Augusta National Golf Course, where tournament is held, were conceived of together by influential golfer Bobby Jones in the 1930s. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Drama

As an individual sport, the Masters is capable of offering remarkable stories of sheer determination and overcoming setbacks, both on and off the course. In recent years there has been the phenomenal comeback story of Tiger Woods. His surely ranks as one of the greatest stories of a youthful giant battling through many obstacles to re-emerge triumphant again on the same stage. That stage, of course, is the Augusta National Golf Course.

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