Going to the Masters in Augusta is not like attending any other sporting event. It's a way bigger deal than that and you absolutely should make the most of it. Don't miss out on the chance to make it the best trip it can be by doing it in style.

What to wear

Officially the suggested dress code to attend the Masters is 'appropriate clothes and shoes' with a lot of golf casual about. But you're at the Masters so why not live it up? In the early days of the Masters everything was much more formal. Men attending the Masters would invariably wear a tie, coat, and hat. That may be a little too formal for nowadays but this is still a wonderful occasion to break out the best in golf casual attire. For the ladies it's a great opportunity to dress up. Remember that it can be cool in the mornings at the Masters so considering layering. Having some fashionable rain attire to hand is also a good idea.

Where to stay

The are plenty of great places to stay during the Masters, and many hotels offer courtesy shuttles to the tournament. But don't fall into the trap of thinking you can find those upscale lodgings you are after at the last minute. Remember you are not the only person looking to live it up at the Masters. The key here is to get things in place early and let the other person who left things until the last minute be the disappointed one

Food and nightlife

When you are away from the links is another time to indulge in some stylish living. Augusta has no shortage of excellent restaurants and clubs and bars to keep you entertained. It's a lively town where excellent music is never too far away. Get ahead of the game by looking into it long before you arrive.

Plan well and plan early so that every aspect of your Masters experience is a premium one. Major Sports Augusta - We are YOUR TICKET IN!