When it comes to developing an incentive plan, the Masters Tournament provides an ideal opportunity. Golf as a sport is closely associated with business and networking, and you can be certain your employees and recruitment targets will have an interest in it. If your aim is to impress, you naturally go with the biggest and best event there is, which for golf is the Masters Tournament. Nothing sends a stronger message to your employees and the outside world that your company is in the big leagues than associating it with one of the most well-known sporting events there is. Unlike other one-off events, the days-long format of the Masters naturally allows ample opportunity for interaction and networking. 

When it comes to something this big, is a danger for things to go very badly if they are not planned correctly. Just as the Masters can be a great incentive, if the trip goes wrong that can lead to equally great disappointment. Therefore it is vitally important to plan carefully for the Masters as there is little room for error. If something has not been arranged well in advance there will scant possibility for last minute bookings at this extremely popular and well-attended event. Everyone else, maybe even your close competitors, will be making advanced plans to showcase their business at this event and you need to do so too.

By far the best way to ensure your Masters Tournament incentive plan is a success and not a source of disappointment is to partner with a specialist agency. It makes sense to use the services of people whose focus is in making these arrangements year after year. This is well worth it as it gives you and your company the edge over others who did not have the foresight to retain expert assistance. Furthermore, by doing so you build up ongoing relationships allowing your incentive plan to establish a reputation and grow as needed. The ultimate goal is to establish your business as one that sends people to the biggest tournament there is because it is one of the biggest and best players in its own arena.