As the nation's premier golfing championship, the Masters Tournament is a highly desirable destination which draws huge crowds every year. If you are lucky enough to be going, it is definitely not a good idea to leave the arrangements – any of them – to the last minute. If you do, once you are in Augusta you will find things are a lot more difficult than they needed to be, and what should be a highly enjoyable experience of a lifetime could suffer as a result. This includes the details of how you are going to get around during your trip. Golf's most famous names are not going to wait before teeing off just because you are running late!

This is an event to be planned for far in advance if possible. Augusta during the Masters Tournament is a busy place, and others will be making their preparations long beforehand, so you should too. Better still, why not retain the services of someone who knows their way around and who specializes in making trips to the Masters as smooth as possible? You do not want to regret being at the Masters and not being able to fully enjoy it because of logistical errors or because you were distracted by mundane details like how to get where you want to be on-time.

As with any major sporting event, simply turning up on the day without any planning is not going to give you the most rewarding experience. By taking the time to invest in some research, and by retaining the right people to help you navigate your way through the crowds of eager spectators, your Masters experience will be as great as it should be. Don’t let what should be a spectacular trip to The Masters become a source of ongoing regret by not selecting the right partner to help guide your experience.