This life, more than anything, is about everyday moments that are elevated to the realm of cherished memories. Snapshots in your mind of which you retain every minute detail.

Every sight, sound, smell, and sensation to be revisited over and over again.

These are rarely scripted and often the product of serendipity and chance. Spontaneous flashes of pure joy that come too few and far between.

Typically rooted in personal accomplishment, reward, or earned success like your first paycheck, promotion, or acquisition.

Often the result of hard work and dedication culminating in the achievement of a goal. 

Ultimately, everything you do in life is in pursuit of these perfect intersections of time and space that form the tapestry of your fondest recollections.

But among the MOST amazing of these are the ones, through will and careful coordination, you can witness and experience as a part of a collective. Once in a lifetime fan experiences that you can plan, prepare for, and witness. These are unforgettable performances of athletic prowess exhibited by those rare individuals operating on a level that transcend human potential, allowing you to observer perfection.

Standing in a sea of screaming fans at the 50-yard line during the last seconds of overtime of the Super Bowl as you watch a desperation Hail-Mary sail through the air towards the end zone.

Watching dirt and mud fly as colts stride down the final stretch of the Kentucky Derby neck and neck to a photo finish.

However, there are few annual sporting events more stunning and memorable, more capable of delivering on the promise of providing an experience of a lifetime like the Masters Golf Tournament.

Steeped in tradition and scenic beauty unlike any other event in the world, the Masters is the ultimate test of skill and determination in the world of professional golf.

Played at one of the world’s most exclusive clubs, walk the fairways of Augusta National where Nicklaus, Palmer, and Woods have taken on the challenge many times over.

The Masters is the rare annual event that combines majestic beauty and heart-stopping excitement with a sense of class and style that you will never forget. It is the crown jewel of the golfing world and the one experience of a lifetime that no golf enthusiast should go without.

Allow Major Sports Augusta to be your guide and travel provider to the creation of a cherished memory.

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