Start off with a narrow stance, feet shoulder-width apart. Grip the handle of the club firmly without clenching.

Head down. Arm straight. Knees bent.

Keep your elbows close together and bend your back elbow ever-so-slightly as you start your back swing, making sure to keep your eye on the ball.

Dipping your shoulder and shifting your weight to you back leg as you drive into your downswing. Use your lower torso to create power as you twist your hips and weight-shift to your front foot.

Keep your swing smooth and even as you make contact with the ball and finish up with a clean, fluid follow-through.

Watch your perfect shot sail through the air like a bird in flight as the members of your group watch in awe.

You may not be playing at the Masters, but as you see that tee-shot float through a crystal blue sky and come to rest on a pristine fairway, it sure feels like it.

It is at this moment when you truly appreciate the meaning of the "Major Sports Augusta Advantage."

Securing your passes to the Masters is just the beginning as they will create a custom experience starting with the initial planning stages all the way up to dropping you and your guests off at the airport for your return home.

And in-between rounds of watching the best golfers in the world battling it out for global domination over on the iconic Augusta National Championship golf course… you and your group can play a round of your own for slightly lower stakes as a part of your custom-travel package on one of the numerous other beautiful courses located in idyllic Augusta Georgia.

Entertain your important clients or employees as you grab your golf clubs and travel in style from your executive rental property to one of the premium golf clubs in the area before attending one of the Tournament Rounds.

Major Sports Augusta is far different from a ticket brokerage firm, they are an experience specialist! Major Sports Augusta is a full service provider that plans and coordinates each individual package to exceed your needs and expectations while providing you with a spectacular story to share and relive for years to come.

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An experience of a lifetime.

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