Singular in its iconic status, legendary in its dedication to tradition & class, breathtaking in its display of elegance & stylized execution, the Masters is an annual event that epitomizes the culmination of athletic competition and sophistication. 

Within this extraordinary tournament one can find locations and items that only those in attendance have the unique opportunity to experience elevating this once-in-a-lifetime trip to even greater heights!

Here are 5 such gems:

Getting a snack won’t break the bank

Whether it’s the $1.50 Egg Salad or Pimento Cheese sandwiches or the $1.50 Georgia Pecan Caramel Popcorn or the $2.00 Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich, the Masters Golf Tournament boasts some of the most affordable food prices of any major sporting event.

Where else can you have a full lunch with drink for less than $7.00 in the midst of  a "Heaven on Earth" atmosphere?  There aren't many places I can think of other than at the Masters!

A round of Golf during the Masters

While it’s true that round of golf can be played in Augusta almost any time during a visit to the great city of Augusta, there is only one time a year when you can play when the aura of the Masters Golf Tournament is in the air.  Just a short distance from the Tournament is one of the most historic & iconic golf courses in the Garden City: Forest Hills Golf Club!

In particular, this course is where legendary Augusta National co-founder Bobby Jones began his infamous Grand Slam of Golf.  Playing at the picturesque Forest Hill Golf Club will have you walking in the echoes of one of golf’s most celebrated figures as you tee-off for a memorable round before your focus changes to attending tournament play at the nearby Augusta National.

Where the Heavens Meet

Upon finding your way back to the Masters, there are few spots no more spectacular than the famed Amen Corner. Get there to claim your spot early as this “must see” hidden gem consists of three converging holes with a remarkable view unlike any other.

The first of the three, objectively the most difficult hole of the tournament, is the Par 4 11th.

After that is the shortest, arguably most dangerous hole of the tournament, the Par 3 12th.

And finally, one of the longest holes on the course, the Par 5 13th rounds out this panoramic perch. From this gem you can view some of the most triumphant and tragic moments of the tournament.

A place to rest

Now that you’ve studied the course and found a few prime perches, let’s talk about your seat. For the reasonable price of $30, pick up the simple green folding chair adorned with The Masters logo at the merchandise shop and put it to use where ever you go.  This gem of the Masters is one you'll gladly take home with you as a cherished souvenir!  This piece of memorabilia is as functional as it is ubiquitous around the tournament.

1112 Stanley Dr. Augusta Ga

There is, however, one place on the grounds where your seat can’t be placed. That is the site of the final gem on our list.

At 1112 Stanley Drive sits the home of Herman & Elizabeth Thacker. This otherwise non-descript house has the unique distinction of sitting squarely in the middle of the Augusta National golf club.

Built in 1959, this home has withstood numerous attempts by Augusta National to purchase it as part of the expansion in their ever changing growth of the club's footprint. The Thackers aren’t selling any time soon!

These are only a few of the fantastic features waiting for you at the Masters. But the only way to find them is to be there. The last hidden gem isn’t quite so hidden- it is Major Sports Augusta!

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