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3 Things To Keep In Mind When Booking Your Trip To The Masters

Posted on January 30, 2019

The Masters is an annual sporting event unlike any other. To the uninitiated attendee, the planning process can easily become overwhelming.

While there is much to consider when planning a trip, here are three top points to keep in mind:

Number 1: Know the best way in

Known as “the toughest ticket in sports”, there are only 3 ways to obtain badges to the Masters.

- The first way is to be on the Patron List where they are offered to you yearly by the Augusta National Golf Club.  As there are only a select number of these badges currently in circulation, a "waiting list" was created in 1972 and closed in 1978.  In 2000, the list was opened briefly and new patrons were added by random selection.

-The second way in is to try your luck and enter the badge lottery for Practice Rounds and daily Tournament Round access. Getting passes like this is nearly as difficult as becoming a Patron as the tickets & badges awarded by random selection and you're up against a large number of world-wide applications. 

- The third and most common way in is to enlist the services of a credible sports travel provider.  It is also the most precarious way as not all service providers or brokers can be trusted sources.

This is the best way to not just procure tournament badges, but plan out every aspect of your trip. Unlike other methods which (at best) only account for access to the event, coordinating your efforts with a company that can customize a travel package will afford you the comfort of knowing that every single one of your needs are met.

Whether this is a personal trip, a corporate excursion intended to “wow” potential clientele, or a way to reward your dedicated employees, every aspect should be planned and accounted for well in advance.


Number 2: Choose the Right Travel Partner

When it comes to working with the best provider to plan your Masters event, you have a choice.

You can either:

-Acquire badges from an unknown source throughout the vast online marketplace and take hope that everything will work out…


You can look to a well-known company with verifiable experience. Your best option is to work with an agency who not only provides sports travel services but specializes in hosting at the Masters.

The right provider will work with you to identify your individualized needs and utilize their extensive network of partners to create a customized package for you.

The right provider will offer a full range of services that fit your budget that includes everything from event access to a full turnkey experience that exceeds your expectations!

The right provider isn't the big-box national brand who offers "cookie-cutter" group travel.  You need to work with a direct source; an Augusta, GA based company that works directly with you on every step during the development of your travel package. A partner who understands and appreciates your vision for this trip as well as your investment.

You may find plenty of options offering a variety of services to attend the Masters Golf Tournament.  But there is only one right choice: Major Sports Augusta!

Number 3: Trust the Professionals

The one thing you should avoid at all cost when planning for your Masters event is trusting the efforts of an un-reputable source.

The success or failure of your trip often turns on the most seemingly unimportant detail. The key is planning your trip with a trusted travel partner who understands that all details are important.

You want professionals invested in your peace of mind and complete enjoyment.  From the moment you arrive into Augusta until the moment when our trained drivers drop you off at the airport for your return flight home, Major Sports Augusta is there with you every step of the way!

Major Sports Augusta, is YOUR TICKET IN!!!

A Guide On What To Wear To The Masters

Posted on January 4, 2019

There are many considerations that factor into planning a perfect trip to the Masters Golf Tournament. Beyond your travel plans, the most personal and individualized consideration is your attire!

Finding the correct balance between class and comfort can be a daunting task.  Taking into account weather and itinerary will certainly contribute to the decision-making process.  

While the majority of style is left open to personal taste, there are certain core inclusions that simply cannot be left off of your list of requisite clothing.

First, above all else, you have to keep in mind that the Masters is a golf tournament.

As obvious as that may seem, many first-timers can overlook this simple fact and neglect to take into account the amount of walking involved during this week-long event.

In other words… comfortable shoes are a must! Regardless of whether you elect to find a great vantage point to post up for much of the week or follow the leaders from hole to hole, a comfortable pair of shoes is a must-have for any patron who plans to traverse the grounds of the Augusta National.

Trust our advice, the Masters is not the time to experiment with your new fashion foot wear or the toe-pinching loafers you bought especially for this trip. The last thing you want to experience as you embark on this magnificent expedition is the discomfort of sore tortured feet because you chose style over comfort.

Once you’ve decided upon footwear, now it’s time to build your travel wardrobe.

The three C’s to keep in mind as you make your clothing selections are: Class, Comfort and Coordination.

The Masters is legendary in its historic and traditional reputation for very good reason. While comfort should be a major consideration, one can never forget the ubiquitous backdrop of sophistication and class present at every turn.

For the scenic warm spring days in beautiful Augusta, GA, think light, flowing materials that will keep you cool while you enjoy the warmth of a Spring day.  On particularly sunny afternoon, you may opt fo classic styled shorts and a golf shirt.

Intermingle your various pieces with the right accessories like stylish shades, belts and watches or the occasional tie or hat and you’ll be ready for whatever this magical trip might throw your way.

Last but not least, the Springtime weather in Augusta is susceptible to change on a day to day basis.  Make sure you have packed a light jacket or pullover for the days when the wind is brisk & chilly!

But prior to packing your bags, you must first plan your event with a trusted provider who will assist you in coordinating the logistics of your travel program.  You need the services of Augusta based Major Sports Augusta!  

Major Sports Augusta is backed by over 18 years experience in hosting clients at the Masters Golf Tournament.  From simple program requests such as event access only all the way to more intricate travel programs for larger corporate groups, their trained associates will guide you along the way.  They become your travel partner from the first phone call through your return home after the Green Jacket presentation ceremony.

Just remember the 3 C’s and Major Sports Augusta!  You'll be fully covered for your visit to Augusta and the Masters!

Major Sports Augusta - Your Ticket In!