Incentive Travel

As a business owner, have you asked the following?

  • How can I show my best customer I truly appreciate their business?
  • How should I reward my employees for their performance?
  • How can I get my employees to be more efficient?
  • How can I drive more sales?
  • How can I generate more leads?

The answer: Integrating an effective Incentive Program into your marketing strategies!

Incentives travel rewards are highly motivating and produce greater value when it involves an experience that the recipient would not likely do on their own. Travel can create a more memorable experience that will last a lifetime compared to cash and similar monetary awards.

Imagine the excitement at the legendary Augusta National Golf Club on the final day of the Masters, as the leader makes his way to the 18th hole to sink that final putt earning the green jacket. Experience the exhilaration of witnessing "the most exciting two minutes in sports" play out before your eyes at the Kentucky Derby. If you could offer your customers and employees the opportunity to partake in this experience – imagine the possibilities!

Utilizing Sports Travel Incentives is one of the most powerful methods of attracting business, retaining profitable clientele, increasing profits, enhancing product awareness and improving employee productivity. Major Sports Augusta offers a turnkey approach to attending the most sought after sporting events. Providing the “reward” of once in a lifetime sports travel experiences is what we do. Our incentives team is experienced in helping corporations produce their desired results one incentive program at a time. From concept to completion, we have the experience you need to help boost your sales in an exciting ways. Contact our office to discuss the opportunities we have that will keep you ahead of your competition.

Strategies for Incentive Sports Travel

Internal Usage:

  • Employee Incentive Programs

Recognizing and acknowledging employees within your organization creates personal value for their contributions and has a measurable impact on your business results. Celebrating your top performers is instrumental to the success of your business and reaching its goals.

  • Create a Sales and Marketing Incentive Programs for members of your Sales Team

 Motivating your staff and increasing sales revenue is a challenge whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company. Incentive travel is a proven method that addresses both challenges simultaneously. Setting a sales goal and rewarding the top achievers with attendance to the Super Bowl not only provides the motivation you’re looking for as an employer but it is also a surefire way to increase your sales revenue.

External Usage:

  • Create a Sales Incentive Program for the Dealers and Distributors of your Product/Service

These dealer network programs can range from a goal in increasing purchase orders over a certain time period on a specific item within your product line to promoting your brand by sponsoring a sweepstakes for the end-using consumer. The greatest advantage of hosting a dealer incentive is that it pays for itself. The resulting sales gains will more than offset your costs.

  • Client Appreciation Incentive Programs

Travel experiences are a great way to let your clients know how much you appreciate their business relationship that has been established with your company. Talking business at their place or yours is nice, but it doesn’t compare to doing it over mint juleps at the Kentucky Derby or in front of the clubhouse at Augusta National.