If you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind experience to help make your next benefit auction a success, you need an offering that appeals to everyone that isn’t easily attainable. Fortunately, everyone loves attending a major sporting event and Major Sports Augusta can provide your nonprofit a variety of programs risk-free!

How our Nonprofit Fundraising Programs work

Pre Planning

  • Desired travel program is developed with zero up-front costs involved.
  • A minimum reserve is established for the travel program.
  • Production of marketing materials and content for the presentation is prepared by Major Sports Augusta.

During the Event

  • Travel program offered through silent or live auction. Live auctions tend to generate the most excitement and highest return.
  • The High Bidder at auction end fulfills payment for travel program (if minimum reserve is met).

Post Event:

  • Within five days of auction end, the High Bidders contact info is provide to us along with payment of the minimum reserve. We complete the registration with the High Bidder confirming the program.
  • High bidder enjoys their once in a lifetime travel experience and the organization is one step closer to fulfilling their fundraising goals!

To expand the reach of this fundraising opportunity, many organizations elect to offer up to 3 separate sports travel experiences in their event. This ensures you appeal not only the attendee who has always desired to see the green jacket ceremony in person but also appeal to the person who has dreamed on sitting in Millionaire’s Row for the “Run for the Roses.” The organization ultimately benefits by multiple donations on their end and best of all there were not any up-front expenses required!