Event Access

Our travel programs include guaranteed event access with credentials procured from direct sources. Being Augusta-based with our experience and network of resources, we are able to customize programs tailored to meet your specific requirements. We offer the peace of mind that your contracted credentials will be delivered as promised.

Many times, event access for major sporting events is the most costly portion of your travel program. Working through a disreputable source or a part-time ticket broker increases the risk of fraud and there is no guarantee such agreements will be met. At Major Sports Augusta, we have a clear understanding of the clients' investments go beyond ticket costs, which are necessary in attending a major event including costs such as hotel rooms, airline tickets, ground transportation, food and time away from work.  If a piece of the puzzle is missing or out of place, it can be disastrous to the entire event.  

Our business model is about fulfilling our commitments, providing memorable experiences and creating long-term relationships. There are no opportunities for second chances in our business.